Summer Raffle 2021 winners

Visitors walking under the archway in the Rose Garden

Our Summer Raffle had a wonderful variety of prizes on offer, including the top prize of £10,000, second prize of £1,000, third prize of £500, five Golden Omega Bonus Draw prizes of £250, plus ten runner up prizes of a National Trust £25 gift card.

First prize

One £10,000 winner:
Mr J 105500 (Cardiff)

Second prize 

One £1,000 winner:
Mr K 757516 (Warrington)

Third prize 

One £500 winner:
Mr W 133935 (West Midlands)

Golden Omega Bonus Draw

Five £250 winners:
Mr A (Surrey)
Mr F (London)
Mrs B (Hertfordshire)
Mr H (Kent)
Mr B (Lincolnshire)

Runner up prizes 

Ten £25 gift card: 
Mr M 387131 (Wiltshire)
Mr L-S 11476 (Suffolk)
Mr A 342117 (Gwynedd)
Dr K 736911 (Sheffield)
Mrs M 216936 (County Durham)
Mrs T 534869 (London)
Mr C 298698 (Staffordshire)
Mr P 119443 (West Sussex)
Mrs B 495391 (East Sussex)
Mrs L 439651 (Bristol)

Forecourt garden at Nymans

Summer Raffle 2021 terms and conditions 

Previous players of our seasonal raffles are now able to buy tickets for our Summer Raffle 2021, including a top prize of £10,000, second prize of £1,000, third prize of £500 and 10 x £25 National Trust gift cards. Plus, bonus Golden Omega prizes of 5 x £250 cash.