Toby Carr

Toby Carr carrying a kayak

An expedition kayaker (and architect), Toby Carr set himself a mission in 2018: to kayak in all 31 areas of the Shipping Forecast.

The project, which was kickstarted by a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship, has taken him to remote and wild places, collecting stories and memories of the sea. Having completed over half of the sea areas, he will return to the British Isles in September to complete the journey. 

Toby is a keen sea and whitewater kayaker
Toby sea kayaking
Toby is a keen sea and whitewater kayaker

Through a series of difficult and life threatening health and personal issues, Toby has used the regular, familiar rhythm of the Radio 4 broadcast as a comforting constant and close contact with the outdoors to restore a sense of balance. Either as a way to build up strength little by little after illness or to get a wider perspective on things, facing new challenges, building confidence and exploring the best that nature has to offer.

Toby started kayaking seven years ago at his local club in London, having been introduced to it by relatives in Jersey. He is now a volunteer coach and guide, a BCU Advanced Water Sea Leader and a keen whitewater kayaker. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. The project has been featured on BBC radio, TV and News. He hopes to write a book about his adventure; Moderate Becoming Good Later.

Hear Toby speak about his expedition at the 2020 South West Outdoor Festival. 

You can also read more about Toby on his website or follow his exploits on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.