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Justin Minns, Photographer Justin Minns Photographer
Willy Lott's House as seen in the Hay Wain

We asked award-winning photographer, Justin Minns for his top tips on how to go about capturing the beauty of the landscape around us.

I live in Suffolk and I’ll never tire of photographing the East Anglian landscape. Everything here has a subtle beauty, from the endless sandy beaches fringed with dunes to rivers meandering unhurriedly through wide valleys. It doesn’t shout, it whispers its secrets softly as the swaying reed beds, discovering them is up to you.

" I particularly love the coast for big skies and east coast sunrises, the salt marshes with their twisting creeks dotted with boats and the cries of wading birds as a soundtrack. Best of all you often have these places to yourself. It seems not everyone has discovered the region’s unique charms, so keep it to yourself."
- Justin Minns
So, here are my top five tips to remember when you're out and about with your camera...

Tip 1. Set the alarm

Light is everything when it comes to landscape photography and during the hour or so either side of sunrise or sunset, a time known as the golden hour, the light is magical.

The beauty of Constable Country
Cows next to a group of trees by the river
The beauty of Constable Country

Tip 2. Start at the beginning

Including something interesting in the foreground, a path curving into the distance for example, gives the impression of depth and leads the viewer into the image.

A purple summer carpet of Sea Lavender at Stiffkey
a purple carpet of sea lavender under a grey sky
A purple summer carpet of Sea Lavender at Stiffkey

Tip 3. Steady on, be bold

Bold compositions add impact, so if the sky is dramatic then try filling most of the photo with it. If on the other hand it’s a grey day then think about leaving it out altogether. And don't forget, in low light shutter speeds can be slow resulting in blurry images from ‘camera shake’. Using a tripod will keep your camera stable giving you sharper images. 

The end of the day at Orford Ness
Wild Orford Ness
The end of the day at Orford Ness

Tip 4. Embrace the British weather

We all love sunny days but for landscapes with atmosphere get out on a crisp frosty morning, go for a walk in the woods on a foggy day or capture the dramatic light of the sun coming out on a showery day. 

Moody skies above Brancaster Beach
Moody skies at Brancaster Beach
Moody skies above Brancaster Beach

Tip 5. Keep it simple

Big views can be difficult to capture in a photo, especially here in flat East Anglia. Rather than including everything try to simplify things to one or two interesting elements and compose your picture using them. 

Dew on a spider's web on a misty morning
Dew on Spider's Web
Dew on a spider's web on a misty morning

You can find out more about Justin on his website.

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