Try our orienteering challenge

Our unique season of orienteering challenge events gives you the chance to explore our places in a whole new way. Try something new in 2016.

Participants will need to find their way around the carefully mapped out courses, while completing a range of special tasks and activities that evoke the spirit of our special places.

You don’t need any previous experience of orienteering but you will need be 16 or over and have a base level of fitness to get you around the course.

Finding your way

We have teamed up with British Orienteering to bring you a season of orienteering challenges across our special places. British Orienteering has teamed up with local clubs across the country to help you navigate your way around the challenges.

3 January 2016

Wimpole Estate, Arrington, Cambridgeshire, SG8 0BW  

Explore the natural setting and challenging contours of the Wimpole Estate as you test your navigation skills, endurance and more. We have adult and junior challenges (16 and over) to match all abilities.

Find out more about Wimpole’s orienteering event

7 February 2016

Clumber, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 3BE

Explore Clumber Park in a whole new way as you test your navigation skills, dexterity and quick thinking in our 60-minute orienteering challenge. You don’t need to be an orienteering expert but you will need enough puff to get around the course.

Find out more about our challenge at Clumber Park

20 February 2016

Longshaw, near Sheffield, Derbyshire S11 7TZ

Our orienteering challenge will test both your physical and mental endurance as you complete testing tasks across the inspirational landscape of Longshaw. If you’re a seasoned pro, a beginner or just looking to try something different, this event is for you.

Find out more about our orienteering challenge at Longshaw

12 March 2016

Lyme Park, Stockport, Cheshire SK12 2NR

Navigate your way through the surrounding moorlands of Lyme Park, taking on challenges as you find your way to the finish line as quickly as possible. But don’t forget it’s not all about speed as points mean

Find out more about Lyme Park’s orienteering challenge

What to expect at your orienteering event

Those up for the challenge won’t require any previous orienteering experience but will need a base level of fitness to race around a classic orienteering score course.

Runners will have 60 minutes to achieve as many points as possible and extra points are on offer for completing the innovative challenges.

Our orienteering challenges are all about exploring the outdoors and having fun, so come and join one.