Unforgettable runs at the places we look after

Designed by our rangers, these invigorating trail runs will take you through spellbinding landscapes. Run along rugged coastal headlands and listen to the sea smashing against the rocks below.

Find your rhythm along rugged paths through ancient forests, discover mysterious ruins, and feel the wind on your face as you run across open moors met by endless sky.

Plus, our rangers share their thoughts on what makes running at the places we look after so special.

From the breezy summit of Dorset’s Golden Cap to the ghostly remains of the copper mines nestled among the peaks of Snowdonia, our trail runs will take you to some unforgettable locations.

Take a break from pollution, long lines of noisy traffic and pounding the tarmac. In fact, the only thing that will stop you in your tracks will be incredible wildlife and jaw-dropping scenery.

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There’s a lot more to trail running than how fast you run or how far you go. We offer long and short trails to give runners of all abilities the chance to get close to wildlife and explore incredible landscapes.

Roisin Black, the Ranger for the Yorkshire Dales, says: 'There's always something new to see as the seasons change – migrating birds in spring and wildflowers in summer'.


Why I run

Follow a group of trail runners as they summit the Golden Cap in Dorset. The trail is one of the routes created by National Trust rangers offering long and short trails to give runners of all abilities the chance to get close to wildlife and explore incredible landscapes.

Summit Dorset's Golden Cap and enjoy magical views of the Jurassic Coast

What makes our runs so special

Our rangers carry out painstaking work to protect wildlife and look after the landscape, and visiting trail runners support them in doing this. Tree planting projects and controlled grazing means that Malham Tarn and Fountains Fell in Yorkshire are full of life. The support we get from runners often goes beyond the money they spend at our places. Roisin says: 'If people love spending time in a beautiful place they generally want to take care of it. I know many runners who pick up rubbish as they go, which is a very simple way to help with conservation. Many runners volunteer with us because they want to learn more about the landscape they run in and play a role in protecting it for future generations.'

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View across the Parterre towards Blickling Hall

Blickling Estate, Norfolk 

With its red-brick house, ancient yew hedges, magnificent gardens and acres of historic parkland, Blickling Estate is a magical place to run. This varied and undulating loop will take you alongside glittering lakes and quiet woods, where barn owls can be spotted flying silently between the trees. Find your rhythm along winding paths, enjoying the shelter provided by towering trees, and admire vibrant gardens as you start your cool down.

The view over the lower garden and coast at Coleton Fishacre

Coleton Fishacre, Devon 

Starting off in Coleton Fishacre’s exotic garden, this run packs a punch before your feet have even left the ground. In no time you’ll find yourself running along coastal paths listening to the sea smashing against the jagged rock faces below. Other highlights include the aquamarine waters of Pudcombe Cove and Froward Point – a Second World War gun emplacement with incredible views over the craggy slopes of Mewstone, where seals can sometimes be spotted basking on the rocks.

Footpath in Beddgelert, Snowdonia

Craflwyn, Gwynedd 

There are not many runs that will take you through territory fought over by dragons. Steeped in the magic of myth and legend, this rugged landscape will not fail to capture your imagination. Follow this circular trail through the rich green slopes of the Nant Gwynant valley, along the lower slopes of Snowdon and past the ghostly remains of old copper mines. Run past waterfalls falling down craggy rock faces and listen to the roar of tumbling streams.

The spring flowers bloom along the coast path near Soar Mill Cove

East Soar, Devon 

Head out on this circular run along the rugged cliffs where 'Dartmoor meets the sea'. This trail will take you through a wild, partially-tamed landscape with views of the Atlantic Ocean, sandy beaches and farmland. Run past long-horned Highland cattle peacefully munching on the rich grassland and see raptors flying overhead.

Dramatic view of Malham Tarn in Yorkshire

Malham Tarn, Yorkshire 

Fill your lungs with fresh air as you run along open spaces met by endless sky, and stop to admire the glittering glacial lake at Malham Tarn. We've planted trees and plants which add to the area’s rugged beauty and attract wildlife. Follow the Pennine Way up across vast moorland and onto Fountains Fell which boasts spectacular views of the Three Peaks and Ribblesdale.

The view looking west along the Jurassic Coast from the top of Golden Cap

Golden Cap, Dorset 

This figure-of-eight loop will get your heart pumping. Pass through hay meadows, follow coastal paths with enticing views of the sea and summit the Golden Cap – an impressive shoulder of rock and the highest point on the south coast. The beauty of the surrounding estate is largely thanks to our rangers who work tirelessly to protect wildlife, harvest seeds from the meadows and plant flowers. Look out for buzzards and kestrels scanning the hedgerows and peregrine falcons coasting high above the clifftops.

Sheep grazing on the Polesden Lacey estate in summer

Polesden Lacey, Surrey 

Free yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city and run wild across historic parkland. Listen to your feet pounding the ground as you run through peaceful woods, and look out over acres of chalk grassland as you emerge from the trees.

A view over Rhosili Bay at Rhosili, Gower

Rhosili, Gower 

This invigorating 10km trail will take you along stretches of golden beach and rugged headland overlooking the silver sea. You’ll also see a patchwork of fields full of vital habitats, testament to the nature-friendly work of our rangers and local farmers. Take off your trainers when you’re on Rhosili beach so you can feel the sand between your toes.

The cliffs near Souter Lighthouse in summer

Souter Lighthouse, Tyne and Wear 

Discover how wildlife now dominates a landscape once known for its coal mining industry. Starting at the striking red and white tower of the Souter Lighthouse, this short but enjoyable run takes in a full lap of the Whitburn Coastal Park nature reserve. Once full of pitheads, it is now home to a colony of sand martins.

View of Tarn Hows

Tarn Hows, Cumbria 

Warm up for this scenic circular run in the peaceful surroundings of Yew Tarn – a sparkling lake overlooked by towering trees. Follow the trail along the Cumbria Way which cuts through the heart of the Lake District and will lead you on to the lower slopes of Tom Heights. Towards the end you’ll be rewarded with refreshing waterfalls.

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