Vintage tips to green clean your home

Cleaning products on the wooden draining board in the scullery at Anglesey Abbey, Gardens and Lode Mill, Cambridgeshire.

Get spring cleaning the natural way with our vintage life hacks to green clean your home.

We've used top tips from our expert housekeepers to create a series of instructional videos on cleaning with natural and traditional techniques. There are a lot of lemons involved!

Learn how to get fresh washing with less energy, make surfaces sparkle, banish bad smells, clean windows and mirrors, and polish wood - all with the power of nature.


Vintage Tips: Chapter 1

Learn how to get fresh washing the natural way, using less electricity.


Vintage Tips: Chapter 2

Make your surfaces sparkle with Susan's recipe for an all-natural cleaning solution.


Vintage Tips: Chapter 3

Follow Susan's top tips for banishing bad smells from your home.


Vintage Tips: Chapter 4

Learn how to use white wine vinegar and yesterday's newspaper to make your windows and mirrors sparkling clean.


Vintage Tips: Chapter 5

Discover how lemons can help to achieve a bright shine on your wooden furniture and floors.