Welcome to Fyne Court

The courtyard at Fyne Court

Fyne Court was the Crosse family home for over 300 years. Sadly the house was lost to a fire 1894. Today, the former Arcadian landscape is now a wildlife haven.


Fyne Court was transformed in the 1750s when Arcadian landscapes were all the rage. A boathouse, follies, ponds, cascades and a serpentine lake were built. 

Later decendants couldn't afford to maintain the gardens. When you walk through the woodlands you will discover the remains of their former grandeur. 

The house has also been lost, destroyed by a fire in 1894. Only the music room and library survive today. 

...and now

When you visit Fyne Court today you will discover glimpses of the former landscape, with the folly still standing and a route which takes in the former serpentine lake, leading to the boathouse. 

Discover three way-marked routes which will take you around the esate, including our 'yellow' easy access route, suitable for wheelchair users. 

The 'purple' route to Five Ponds Wood, is our longest trail at just under a mile. This route has something for all seasons and is a must in the New Year for a carpet of snow drops and again dazzling in the spring when in full bloom with bluebells. 

Fyne Court is also home to an array of wildlife, with dormouse sightings, an active dipping pond for amphibians and birdsong all year round. 

Dog walking on a lead

Four legged visits to Fyne Court  

Dogs on leads are welcome at Fyne Court.

Can you spot wildlife and splash along the play trail at Fyne Court?

Things to see and do at Fyne Court

Discover the play trail, conquer fallen trees, paddle, play and much more.