Work in our gardens

Volunteer planting blossom trees at Knightshayes, Devon

From raised beds to rose beds, the gardens at our places are just as valuable as the houses themselves and require just as much care and attention.

As a garden volunteer you will have the opportunity to work in some of the country’s most unique and famous outdoor places, on a scale or a project which might not be attainable in your own back garden.

You could be involved in planting, pruning, cataloguing seeds, establishing boundaries, or supporting community groups to grow their own produce on some of our allotments. And as with many of our volunteer roles, you may also be approached by visitors who want to ask questions about the garden or are looking for general gardening tips – so it’s also a great way to share your love for horticulture (and pick up some ideas of your own).

Some of our places even have specific garden guide roles available, so you can bring the stories of our gardens to life for our visitors.