National Trust staff are in charge on the work site but it is volunteer leaders who are responsible for making your holiday enjoyable. Leaders are experienced, trained volunteers who will help the group work as a team, organise social activities and ensure that everyone is having a great holiday.

Read what some of our Working Holidays leaders say...

Danielle Cain:

‘I lead teams that have planted 10,000 cotton grass plants on Kinder Scout, built a yurt in Snowdonia and planted 800 trees in Sussex! Unreal opportunities which have grown me back in real life as a better listener, facilitator and cook.’

Peter Hill:

‘I enjoy the challenge of leading. No group is the same and every holiday is a journey into the unknown. If I have done my job well I will have helped everyone enjoy a satisfying social experience and contribute their abilities to making a real difference to the environment.’

Yen Yau:

‘As an active person it’s a contrast to my day job where besides the fresh air and physicality I enjoy meeting new people who often come from a different walk of life. Leading is not an onerous task if you’re a peoples person, well organised, not afraid to lead from the front when called to and generally have a healthy dose of common sense, then I’d recommend you take on this role. Give it a go!

Peter Edwards:

‘I have found leading working holidays rewarding for a whole variety of reasons: choosing a location I’ve never been to before, a chance to work on new skills and different tasks, with different leaders and assistants ready to share experiences and of course spending time with new and returning volunteers. The day off on my last holiday was sea kayaking in West Wales. The greatest reward is occasionally identifying a volunteer who has the potential skills and personality to become a leader one day.

Stefan Wathan:

‘My last working holiday was Youth Discovery. I had 11 volunteers all under the age of 18 except 1, so I was the responsible adult. That doesn't mean I had to manage or supervise them constantly. I was a guide and a mentor, occasional master and sometime parent and friend. I was also a coach to a young adult volunteer, a peer in many respects as I too was a volunteer. I get as much enjoyment out of these holidays as the young people that take part.’

Becoming a leader

If you’re considerate, patient and adaptable with a good sense of humour, enjoy organising and planning and are not afraid to take charge when needed then this may be the role for you.

If you are interested in becoming a Working Holidays leader, please email us or phone us on 0344 800 2070.

Are you the leader? (PDF) 

Download this document to read more about what it takes to become a National Trust Working Holidays team leader.

About the leader (PDF) 

This document will give you the job profile of a team leader and what responsibilities come with the role.