Explore the sustainable estate at Florence Court

Visitors check out the water-powered sawmill at Florence Court

There's much more to Florence Court than the mansion which lies at the heart of the estate. Take a short walk and you will discover the cattle yard, blacksmiths forge, and the laundry yard which has recently been opened to the public and contains the dairy, wash room, drying room and ironing room.

Woodworking demonstrations

Discover the carpenter’s workshop which is in operation on a regular basis throughout the season, as one of our volunteers steps into the carpenter's role, creating all kinds of woodwork using wood from the estate. Explore further to find the saw mill, where the wheel is still turned by the flow from the mill pond. (On special event days you can watch one of our volunteers cut up huge logs.)
Bert expertly guides a log through the 1848 water-powered sawmill
A volunteer putting a log through the sawmill at Florence Court

Technology from the turn of the century

Learn a bit about Victorian technology, like the hydraulic ram which was installed to pump water into the house - listen out for the thud of the pump. A little further into the pleasure grounds you'll come across the ice house. This deep pit was filled with ice from the river during the winter months and stayed frozen right throughout the year, keeping food chilled to serve the mansion.

Walled garden

The walled garden provided all the fruit and vegetables for the house. The area is undergoing a restoration project to return the garden to its former glory - head down to take a look and have a chat with our gardener to find out how the project is progressing.
Pick up some of our vegetables grown on the estate in the Kitchen Garden shop
The gardener holds some homegrown squash in the Kitchen Garden at Florence Court

Florence Court was almost entirely self-sustained, and with so many of the outbuildings still intact and in working order it's easy to let your imagination step back in time and have a sense of what the estate was like in its hey-day.