Key Stage 1 learning at Florence Court

Children enjoying a period recreation of a kitchen with the help of a costumed interpreter

We have four programmes available for Key Stage 1 pupils at Florence Court.

Nature safari

This programme allows pupils to explore the natural world and examine our impact on the planet by taking part in a mini beast hunt and exploring animal habitats. Duration: 2 hours.

A closer look
Child bug hunting
A closer look

A busy day at Florence Court

Learn what life was like long ago at Florence Court House. Through role play pupils will gain insight into the work of the servants in the laundry, kitchen, ironing room etc, as they prepare for the Cole family christening. In addition, pupils will experience what school was like over 100 years ago, and then enjoy toy-time. Duration: 2 hours.


Secrets of spring

Combines art and science to explore seasonal themes such as seasonal change, nests and eggs, and an outdoor trail. Duration: 3 hours.

Find plenty of daffodils at Florence Court
Daffodils at Florence Court
Find plenty of daffodils at Florence Court

The Hallowe'en ball

Learn how the Florence Court servants celebrated Hallowe'en and the end of the harvest through art activities and dance. Pupils also take part in an outdoor trail and discover the seasonal changes taking place. Duration 3 hours.



Contact Angela by email or on 028 6634 8249 to book.