Spring wildlife at Florence Court

Daffodils at Florence Court

After the quiet of winter, Florence Court starts to get a little noisy in spring. Birdsong can be heard again. frogs spotted and plenty of spring flowers are in abundance including the cheery daffodil.


The woods around Florence Court are filled with birdsong at this time of year at the beginning of the breeding season. Resident robins, blackbirds, thrushes and wrens are joined by migrant warblers like chifchaffs and blackcaps. The chiffchaff has a distinctive call that sounds just like a repition of its name.

Listen out for blackcaps
A blackcap
Listen out for blackcaps

Frogs and Frogspawn

Ponds become noisy places as the male frogs wake up from their winter hibernation and croak to attract females. You might spot the frogs on their way to various ponds across the estate, or witness some of the splashing activity for yourself in the pond in the Walled Garden, producing masses of frogspawn. At the tail end of spring you'll start to see the young frogs disperse.

Keep your eye out for the frogs at Florence Court
A frog sits amongst frogspawn at Florence Court
Keep your eye out for the frogs at Florence Court

Bees and Butterflies

You might spot the odd bee out and about, these are often the large queen bees that have slept peacefully through the winter. Butterflies and caterpillars also start to appear with the caterpillars providing a vital food source for breeding birds like the blue tit.

Great spotted woodpecker

A new addition to the estate, the great spotted woodpecker begins to 'drum' to attract mates in spring. Both male and females take part in the activity. If you're lucky enough to spot them at Florence Court, you might witness the elaborate courtship ritual of the male bird as he performs a spiralling chase around the tree. We're lucky to know these rare birds are nesting across Fermanagh - here's some footage from Crom estate of a nesting pair feeding their young.