Discover winter at Florence Court

Snowdrops at Florence Court

Although the gardens might look their best during the summer months, there's still plenty of colour to be found in Florence Court during the winter for those who go searching.

Take a trip around the Walled Garden to discover some of our signs of spring and hidden flashes of colour.

Walled Garden winter colours

On the path before the Walled Garden the rhododendrons are already starting to flower after a mild winter. You'll spot the early red and pink buds and more and more flowers throughout February and into March.

After a mild winter, the rhododendrons are flowering early
Rhododendrons starting to flower at Florence Court

Stepping over the bridge into the Walled Garden, note the bright red of the 'Midwinter fire' dogwood. Head past Rose Cottage and along the length of the pergola to discover at the end - not quite a pot of gold - but the bright yellow of the witch hazel tree with its distinctive aroma.

The bright yellow of the witch hazel tree providing some winter colour
The witch hazel tree in the Walled Garden

Keep an eye out for what the gardeners are up to, potting new plants and working on the cultivated areas. There's not much above the surface at the moment, but you can see the pink of the early rhubarb and shoots from the garlic starting to appear - a tantalising taste of what's to come!

Garlic shoots starting to appear in the Walled Garden
Garlic shoots growing in the Walled Garden at Florence Court

Stop by the pond to see if you can spot our lone duck - fittingly named Han Solo! Take the side exit to see a host of snowdrops, the classic winter flower. Another great snowdrop spot is the path on the right-hand side of the house.

Continue on up the path and past the house to take a break at the summerhouse, where the view might vary in colour year round, but is just as spectacular as ever.

The views at Florence Court are just as spectacular in winter
The view from the Summer House at Florence Court