Easter Monday at Florence Court

Plan a visit to Florence Court this Easter for some spring-time fun on our Easter fun day, with music, Cadbury Egg Hunts, crafts and tasty treats from the tea-room.

Florence Court will be getting into the spring-time spirit with some jazz and blues from Below the Line and some traditional tunes with a twist via talented musicians from the Dun Uladh centre. Enjoy your coffee in the yard and relax as music fills the stable-yard.

Travel back in time

Take a house tour to learn all about the history of the Coles from our fantastic tour guides, or do a bit of time travelling and tour the house with our maid, butler or footman to learn all about the 'big house' through their eyes in the 1920s. They'll let you know their daily routine and any big stories happening from the house at the time.

Find out what life was like for the servants on a costumed house tour
The laundry maids at the Florence Court Country Fair

Easter fun

Make sure you have your face painted like Bunny to really get into the spirit! Get the kids involved in our spring themed Easter crafts as well to take home.

The estate will be showing off its sustainable past – visit to see the huge water wheel turning at the sawmill. Head to the Carpenter’s Workshop to see traditional woodcarving, or up to the forge to feel the heat as our resident smithy makes fire-pokers in the 1200 degree heat!

Cadbury Egg Hunts

Our Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt is packed with activities.
Family of two adults and two children in rainwear crouching on tarmac path studying Easter cadbury trail sheet

It's that time of year again! Visit us from Friday 14 to Tuesday 18 April to take part in the Cadbury Egg Hunts across the estate! Bunny's been to Florence Court and scattered clues to solve all over the estate. Get hunting for them - can you find one near the daffodils? Under the bridge? Maybe near the sawmill with its whirring water-wheel? Follow the clues around the estate and collect your Cadbury chocolate prize.