Fermanagh Volunteer Open Day

Volunteering is a huge part of what we do at National Trust Fermanagh. We rely on volunteers to keep our places running and looking their best. Last year in Fermanagh volunteers provided over 24,000 hours to support our properties in a range of roles.

Volunteers digging in a muddy field at Florence Court

We're having a Volunteer Open Day at Florence Court on Saturday 18 March between 10am - 12pm, so if you've ever considered volunteering with us, come along to hear about what our volunteers do for us. Grab a coffee and a scone and have a chat with our staff and volunteers to discover their experiences and find out how you could be a part of the team.

Our kitchen gardeners just love volunteering at Florence Court
Plants in the kitchen garden grown in the shape of a heart
Our kitchen gardeners just love volunteering at Florence Court

Our Volunteers

Volunteers help us with a varied range of roles and every day can be completely different! Volunteers have helped us dust our books, looked for butterflies at dawn at Crom, got very spooky at Hallowe'en and even helped the Easter Bunny give out his chocolate treats! Regular roles all year round include kitchen gardeners, bookshop volunteers, conservation rangers, volunteer guides, shop assistants and ranger support.

New Opportunities

We have some new roles available that you can find out about on Saturday including:

  • Costumed cook - help us tell the stories of our places by getting into character and cooking on our 18th century ranges at Florence Court and Castle Coole

  • Tour Guides - we'd love some help to bring our spaces to life including the Laundry Yard at Florence Court and the site of the Queen Anne House at Castle Coole

  • Flower arranger - we always want our places to look their best and we'd love someone with an eye for detail to help us use our walled garden flowers to add a bit of the outdoors to the house

  • Green energy champion - we're dedicated to reducing our fossil fuels energy usage and would like someone to give a hand with making sure we hit our targets

Traditional Skills

Neil Foulkes carving with wood from the estate at Florence Court
Neil Foulkes carving with wood from the estate at Florence Court
Neil Foulkes carving with wood from the estate at Florence Court

We're always on the look-out for people with traditional skills, whether it's woodworking, carpentry, using the forge, basket making or weaving. It helps us tell the full story of what life was like at our places. If that sounds like you, get in touch!

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Opportunity to develop your CV or gain more experience in a certain sector

  • Depending on your role, the possibility of attending training courses to further develop your skills

  • Expenses of travel and other costs covered

  • Volunteer discount in our National Trust Tea-rooms and shops

  • The chance to meet a wide range of people, all passionate about caring for our places

If this sounds like something you're interested in, come along to Florence Court on Saturday 18 March for a chat about where we could best use your skills.