Go wild in the garden this summer with folly! art

Let little legs loose in the water gardens this year and you’ll stumble upon something surprising. Four new artworks have arrived and they’re waiting to be explored so grab an ‘Art in the Garden’ trail and seek out your favourite spot.

Top 5 things to do at folly!

  • Pull a funny face in the Gazing Ball
  • Show us your best dance moves under the Cloud
  • Have a picnic by Polly
  • Design your own folly on the family trail (and enter it into the prize draw)
  • Listen out for the drips and drops of the re-imagined Bathing House
Run wild at Polly
Run wild at Polly
Run wild at Polly

Have a picnic at Polly

Standing nine metres tall and covered in beautiful bright wooden feathers, Polly is hard to miss. Perched high up on Tent Hill with a wonderful view over the lake, she's in a great spot for a bite to eat and a chance to run wild. Settle down on the grassy bank and tuck in. After filling up on tasty treats, pop inside Polly for a feast for your eyes! As your eyes adjust you'll be treated to her bird's eye view of the gardens and treetops. 


Cartwheel at the Cloud

We've caught a cloud and pinned it down so you can play amongst the clouds rain or shine. Show it your best cartwheels or see if you can jump high enough to touch it. Pause for some shade on a sunny day or dodge the raindrops when it's grey.

Cartwheel around the Cloud
The Cloud
Cartwheel around the Cloud

You can read about 11 year old Foster who designed this folly and let creative minds loose as you design your own folly on the 'Art in the Garden' trail.

Grin at the Gazing Ball

Can you see it glinting and gleaming in the sun? It's the perfect place to practice pulling your best funny faces or try capturing a family selfie to remember the day. Take a moment to recover from a day of adventuring on the Gazing Ball's circular bench. Look up or out at the view towards the Octagon Tower.

Enjoy summer views from the Gazing Ball
Hanging around at the Gazing Ball
Enjoy summer views from the Gazing Ball

Don't miss the Banqueting House whilst you're up there. Have a go dressing up in the Georgian costumes there and discover Georgian games like croquet on the lawn.

Oak leaves
Placeholder Image
Oak leaves

Lend an ear at The Listening Tower

Take a moment to chill at the Listening Tower. If you're quiet enough you'll hear the drip dropping of the lost Bathing House. What does it remind you of? Explore the rest of the garden and listen out for other sounds like birds singing, rivers flowing and leaves rustling in the breeze. Or have a go at making your own noises. Can you whistle, sing, click your fingers or stamp your feet?

Listen closely for the echoing sounds of the past
Family at Listening Tower for folly 2018
Listen closely for the echoing sounds of the past

Get creative on the folly! family trail


We would love to see your folly! adventures. Find us online and tag us in your favourite photos of the day.

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