Encouraging wildlife to flourish at Fyne Court

Fyne Court is home to many species of fungi

The Crosse family built Fyne Court as an Arcadian landscape park, which was at the height of fashion during the 17th and 18th century. As family money disappeared, the garden became wild. We're not restoring the Arcadian garden - we're keeping it wild. We love that Fyne Court is a place where children can climb trees and build dens that they can come back to. It's also a rich habitat for plants and animals.


Large veteran trees throughout Fyne Court belong to its original landscape design. They once added a certain grandeur to the parkland. Now  they provide refuge for insects, bats, birds and fungi.

Bird song

In spring, listen for the drumming of great spotted woodpeckers and the coarse ‘cawing’ of rooks in the rookery, leading to a beautiful chorus of bird song during April and May.

Snowdrops & bluebells

In spring, snowdrops cover the woodland floor. They provide a fantastic display, making this forest a photographer’s dream. Look out for many other wild flowers such as primrose, yellow archangel and bluebells.

Highland cattle

We work closely with a local farmer to graze the surrounding grassland with Highland cattle. As well as looking adorable, they're essential  to keep the grassland in tip-top condition for wildlife.


As you wander through the estate, keep your eyes peeled for plants such as pignut, bird’s-foot trefoil and southern marsh orchid. Ragged Robin and marsh marigold are abundant in the wet grassland lining the streams and provide an excellent home for an abundance of insects from marbled white butterflies to the southern hawker dragonfly.
Swallows and martins dive and dart above  the tall grasses, hunting the insects in flight.