Love and marriage at Fyne Court

 Wedding couple looking over the water at Crom Estate, Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

Despite the controversy in Andrew Crosse's life, he seems to have managed two very happy marriages. His first wife was Mary Anne Hamilton, with whom he had 7 children. He married Cornelia Berkeley when he was 66 and had 3 more children.

Crosse mourns his first wife

Mary Anne died in 1846 and, four days later, so did Andrew’s brother, Richard. Understandably Andrew, who was devastated, left Fyne Court for London. The house fell into disrepair and the gardens became overgrown.

A second marriage and return to Fyne Court

In 1850, three years after Mary Anne's death,  Andrew married the beautiful 23-year-old Cornelia Berkeley. They moved back to Fyne Court.
They went on to have three sons before Andrew’s death following a stroke.

Crosse's life in print

It's largely due to Cornelia that we know so much about Andrew Crosse. She recorded his life in detail in her books ‘Memorials, Scientific and Literary, of Andrew Crosse The Electrician (1857)’ and ‘Red Letter Days of My Life’.
On his death bed, Andrew changed his will, leaving Fyne Court to his beloved wife, Cornelia. His eldest son, John, was left the organ from the music room. After Andrew’s death, Cornelia gave the estate to John and his family.