Welcome to Fyne Court

The courtyard at Fyne Court

Welcome to Fyne Court, the Crosse family home for over 300 years. It is now a haven for wildlife with half-hidden clues to its past life as an Arcadian garden.

The waymarked routes at Fyne Court
The waymarked routes at Fyne Court
The waymarked routes at Fyne Court

There are many things to see as you walk the beautiful grounds of Fyne Court. 

Courtyard - This is the starting point for all the trails and where you will find the cafe, toilets and snug. 

Walled garden - Once exotic fruits were grown in the hothouses and vegetables planted in the rest of the walled garden. It is now planted with wildflowers and a haven for bees and butterflies. 

Boathouse - This once stood at the top of the serpentine lake and shows a glimpse to Fyne Court's grandeur. 

Sky glade - Take a moment to lean back, relax and enjoy the sky.

Folly - This used to be used as dog kennels in the 1900's. It is currently being restored to its former glory. 

Arboretum - Why not have a climb on the fallen Spanish sweet chestnut tree? 

Church - Scientist Andrew Crosse worshipped here and his grave can be found in the churchyard.

Things to see and do on your visit