Activities for young children at Fyne Court

There are lots of fun and exciting thing for young children to do at Fyne Court. The grounds were once a grand garden, but it is now a haven for wildlife with clues of its hidden past found around the estate. Here are some of the highlights which can all be found, what will you discover when you visit Fyne Court?

Children playing around a tree trunk

Explore a tree

Fyne court has wonderful woodlands to explore and is a great place to try the 50 things activity get to know a tree. Every tree has something special about it so get exploring and see what you find, why not use four of your senses to get to know it better. Sight, how tall is the tree, what does it look like is there any wildlife that call it home. Hearing; listen can you hear the wind in the branches or hear birds in the tree. Touch, feel the bark is it smooth, touch the leaves are the soft or rubbery. Smell, what does the tree and the leave smell like?

A picture of two boys building a den.

Build a den

Tucked away in the corner of Fyne Court is our den building area. It is the perfect place to lets your imagination run wild in our den building area. You can make your own special hide out. It could be a meeting place for spies, a camp for explorers or a palace for fairies. You can spend a fun morning building and playing in your den, you could even have your picnic?

Young boy looking at bug

Hunt for bugs

There are lots of wildlife that call Fyne Court home and some of them even stay in our hotel. We have amazing bug hotel that is now used by a wide range of residents from spiders, woodlice, ladybirds, beetles there are plenty to be found. Keep your eyes peeled and put your nature detective hat on.

Discover the xylophone in the garden

Could you create a tune?

Near the Skyglade at the top of the pink route we have our very own wooden xylophone. This is fun way to test your musical skills and have fun some. You can also try the 50 things activity join a nature band using the inspiration around you. Listen to the birds at Fyne Court, could you imitate one? Or can you make fun sounds using your feet? It could be in the squelching mud or stamping your feet on the ground.

Relax at the sky glade

Take a moment of calm and look to the skies

Get the imagination going at our skyglade the perfect place to have fun watching the clouds. At the top of the pink trail there is a ring of tree trunks set up to watch the clouds go by. Some clouds are white, light and fluffy other are grey, dark and this. Have fun and try to make shapes and pictures in the clouds as they go by. Do they resemble animals, trees, cartoon characters or something else? What will you see?

The new pond dipping platform at Fyne Court

What's in the pond?

Why not bring down your dipping net on your next visit? There's lots to discover, will you spot a dragonfly, toad or perhaps a water boatman?