Natural play at Fyne Court

Many years after the former Court house burnt down, only glimpses of the once-grand garden can now be seen. When you next visit Fyne Court you'll discover that you're free to make your own journey. What will you discover?

The new pond dipping platform at Fyne Court

What's in the pond?

Why not bring down your dipping net on your next visit? There's lots to discover, will you spot a dragonfly, toad or perhaps a water boatman?

Den building

Build a den

There's lots to discover in among the trees. Why not build yourself a den, then sit back and look and listen for birds?

Relax at the sky glade

Take a moment of calm and look to the skies

Follow the pink route and you'll discover a ring of tree trunks. Time to relax and take a break. Use the sky glade to lean back, listen to the birds and watch the clouds.

Discover the xylophone in the garden

Could you create a tune?

Head to the top of the pink route and show-off your musical skills. Enjoy the wooden xylophone among nature.