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Magnolia tree in blossom

Spring gardening tips: From our garden to yours 

Spring is a busy time for gardeners, who take advantage of warmer days to sow seeds, plant colourful spring blooms and cultivate veg patches. Whether you want to create an eye-catching display of spring blossom or get some advice from our new School of Gardening book on garden design, here are some top tips from our gardening experts for the season ahead.

A gardener pulling rhubarb at Clumber Park

What's in season in April? 

Spring is in full swing and gardeners and growers are busy tending their veg patches and gathering delicious crops including rhubarb, which is one of our favourites. We're sharing our tips on how to grow, harvest and cook rhubarb. We look after the UK's national collection of rhubarb so can also shed some light on the fascinating history of this wonderful plant.

Top tips for herbs


Bumblebee nectaring on pink cherry blossom

Give back to nature 

More than ever before, nature has been our source of comfort during difficult times. But climate change is accelerating the decline of these green spaces. Nature gives us so much, donate today and help us protect these precious places and the wildlife that live there.

" I was a Head Gardener for 20 years and you never stop learning. You need to be creative, prepared to try new things and inspire a wide range of people. "
- Ian Wright, lead gardens adviser
Member of staff checking the records at the Plant Conservation Centre

Garden podcasts playlist 

Download or listen to episodes from our podcast series that explore our most important historic gardens and meet the staff and volunteers who care for them.

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