Gardens & parks

We care for more than 200 gardens and parks. From small secret hideaways and kitchen gardens to landscaped lawns, beautiful borders and acres of parkland. Explore our gardens and parks from afar and see them blooming in their colourful glory.

Rhododendrons in May at Sheffield Park by the lake

The laburnum arch at Bodnant blossoming

We're bringing nature's highlights to you at home. The laburnum arch at Bodnant, Wales, puts on a dazzling display every year but this year it is flowering for the earliest time on record. Relax with this slow tv and enjoy the bright yellow blooms swaying gently in the sunlight.

Explore our spring gardens virtually

The colours of spring

The mid-season Triumph tulip 'Prinz Armin' beginning to bloom in the garden at Erddig, near Wrexham

Uncover the story of tulips 

Our love affair with the tulip stretches across the centuries, from the exquisite palace gardens of Ottoman sultans to the frenzied ‘tulipomania’ which engulfed early 17th-century Holland. Discover the variety of tulips that have been grown at our places and explore the tulip’s cultural influences through objects in our collections.

The famous 55 metre-long laburnum arch at Bodnant in Wales was created in 1880

Gardeners' tips 

During the Covid-19 lock-down period, we'll be bringing our garden to yours with the help of our members questions and answers from our experts.

A waterfall in winter surrounded by trees

Podcast episodes on gardens 

Delve into a world of tropical paradises and tranquil lakes as you explore episodes from the National Trust Podcast that explore our gardens. We'll shed light on the visionaries who designed these spectacular landscapes, and find out what it takes to care for them today.

Gardens through the ages

Our gardeners will continue caring for our green spaces

Donate to keep our gardens growing 

As a charity, we rely on donations. With our places temporarily closed, vital funding has disappeared. Your donation will help us look after our globally significant plant conservation centre and tend to our rare plant collections to ensure their survival.

Garden conservation

Find out more about the work that goes on behind the scenes by our talented garden teams to restore and conserve the gardens you love to visit

Gardener's tips

Looking after more than 200 gardens has taught us a thing or two, so here our gardeners share some of their tips for a blooming beautiful garden