Enjoy a day at the beach

Early morning haze at Godrevy, Cornwall

At low tide Godrevy beach is revealed at the northern end of St Ives Bay. Three miles of golden sand stretches from Hayle around the bay to Godrevy Cove. There is plenty of space to enjoy a day at the beach.

Please remember to check the tides as some areas of the beach can get cut off on high tides, you can check the weather and tide times at the beach guide online.

The lifeguard service is seasonal, please swim between the flags and follow all instructions from the guards.  There's a seasonal dog ban here, pooches are not allowed on the beach from Easter to September, although they are welcome on the walking routes on the headland year round.  
Please pick up after your dog and remember to take all your litter with you.
A Ranger and his dog enjoying the beach
A Ranger and his dog on the sand at Godrevy, Cornwall
A Ranger and his dog enjoying the beach


Geocaching is a treasure hunt with a difference, it's more about the hunt than the pot of gold at the end. Godrevy has several caches hidden about the site and all you need to find them is a handheld GPS or an app on a smart phone. It's a great way to enjoy the freedom of being outside and discovering new places.
Find out more on geocaching.com and follow the instructions and see if you can find some of the caches at Godrevy (a small waterproof treasure box).
Turn the dog walk in to a geocache treasure hunt
A Garmin hand held GPS
Turn the dog walk in to a geocache treasure hunt
So once you’ve found the treasure box – what will you find inside? Most caches have a log book for you to leave a message in and the satisfaction of finding the box is a reward in itself. But often you will also find a strange array of trinkets that people have left to swap. If you take a treasure out of the box, you should leave another trinket in its place, so come prepared.


You may be lucky enough to see some seals on your visit to Godrevy in the sea, or hauled up on beaches. If you do spot them, please take care not to worry or disturb the seals by keeping voices low and dogs under close control.

How to watch seals responsibly without disturbing them (PDF / 1.3388671875MB) download

Grey seal
grey seal swimming of the coast in Cornwall
Grey seal