50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 at Greys Court

This autumn have fun completing some of the activities in your wild adventure scrapbook at Greys Court. Make sure you collect all the information you’ll need from our Visitor Reception when you arrive. Don’t forget to collect your stickers on the way out for any activities that have been completed.

Build a den

Branches, twigs and leaves make surprisingly cosy dens; find all you need to make your own in our den building area. You can find it in the wooded area just down from the Cowshed tea-room; ask at Visitor Reception if you are not sure where to go.

Top tip: try making a wig-wam against a tree; it makes it easier to get the den to stay up.

Play conkers

Go foraging around the estate to find conkers that have fallen off the trees. Pick up the biggest you can find to have the best chance of winning your conker match.

Top tip: To find your killer conker, drop some in a bucket of water. The ones that float will lose, but the ones that sink are sure-fire winners!

Catch a falling leaf

There are so many leaves falling all around the Greys Court estate. Have a go at trying to catch one, it's a lot harder than it looks!

Top tip: Try and see how many different types, and colours, of leaves you can catch.

Run around in the rain

Wait for the perfect rainy day, put on your wellies and waterproofs and head out to the Greys Court estate for some perfect puddle-jumping fun.

Top tip: See if you can find the biggest puddle, and then make the biggest splash you can! 

Create some wild art

Find a flat, dry surface in the den building area to make your art on. Go and grab sticks, leaves and anything else you can find, and then let your creativity run free. Why not give your piece of art a title, and take a picture of it too?

Top tip: Use things which vary in colour and texture so you have lots of choice and can create something really interesting.

50 things app

Download the 50 things app to help keep track of all the activities that have been completed. You can upload fun photos as well to help keep a record of the action moments.

Discover secret challenges and rewards as more activities are completed.