Children's adventures at Greys Court

There's plenty to keep the children entertained at Greys Court. From hunting for bugs in the woods, to spotting fairy doors on one of the estate walks, find out about all Greys Court has to offer to the young adventurers.

Greys Fort play area in a new location 

The Greys Fort play area has been moved to a different part of the estate. The children's play area can now be found in the den-building area, which is situated in the woodland just behind the tea-room.  

All the same much loved play equipment will be there, just in a new space. This area offers children the chance to play both on play equipment but also to engage in more natural play as well.

The surrounding woodland has all the materials needed to create dens in the area; hunt for bugs in the undergrowth; build their own forts and let their imaginations run wild. 

The tea-room and toilets will now only be a short walk away from the play area, ideal for those much needed refreshments and loo breaks when children are out and about playing.   

Hunt for fairy doors 

The fairies have set up camp in the den-building area, where the children's play area is. There are 10 fairy doors hidden around the area, see if you can find where all the fairy homes are! 

Natural play on the estate walk

Get the kids to use their imaginations more, and let off some steam, on the Greys Court estate walk. Pick up a map from Visitor Reception, and follow the red National Trust arrows, starting from the gate at the top of the car park. 

Along the walk see if children can spot trees to climb; chopped up logs to climb over; a big tree stump they can claim as their throne; or a fallen down tree that has had sitting areas carved into it.

Whatever they come across, it's the perfect place to let imaginations run wild.