Conservation work on Thursday 1 September

The entrance hall in the Greys Court house leading to the stairway

On Thursday 1 Sep there will be no access to the front three rooms of the house whilst a team are carrying out repair work on the 16th century Swiss table.

What is happening 

The work will be happening all day, and they will need to use the space of the three rooms at the front of the house. Whilst visitors won’t be able to access these rooms for the duration of the day, they will be able to view the intricate work taking place.

Visitors will need to enter the house through the kitchen door, which is usually used as the exit from the house. From the hallway they will be able to see the conservation work in action, and get a rare glimpse into what it takes to restore special items in the collection.

Changes to the guided tours

The tours that happen at 11am and 12pm will include going upstairs as downstairs access is restricted.

Thank-you for your understanding on this day, the work taking place is very important in order to keep this item in its best condition.