Picnicking at Greys Court

Family enjoying a picnic outside

This article is from 2017 and it now out of date. July and August are perfect months for enjoying a leisurely family picnic. Greys Court has a number of picnic spots for you to enjoy time with the family in the sun.

Picnic benches

There are picnic benches situated on the area of grass next to the main car park, for when you need a quick spot to enjoy your lunch after travelling.

Picnic areas

The top lawn is also a spacious place for a picnic. This is the lawn above the house, not the oval lawn in front of the house. This is an ideal spot for families, where the kids can run around and the adults can enjoy the wonderful view across the rolling Chiltern Hills.

There is also a picnic area down in the orchard behind the house, which is situated near the Chinese Bridge. This area can be reached by going from the top lawn, following the cut path down a small slope to a spacious area of grass.

There are also a couple of benches near the children’s play area which can be used for much needed snacking after the kids are exhausted from playing.


There are no bins in the picnic areas, so please make sure all litter is collected up and take all rubbish home.