Spring outdoors at Greys Court

View of daffodils and the estate grounds at Greys Court

The estate and gardens are finally coming to life as spring arrives at Greys Court. The spring bulbs are in full bloom, adding bright colour and warmth to spectacular views across the estate. From discovering what blooms you can spot in the garden, to taking in the wonderful views on the estate walk, don’t miss out on spring at Greys Court.

Spring on the estate walk

Discover the wider estate at Greys Court on the estate walk, with wonderful views across the rolling Chiltern Hills and find signs of spring, such as daffodils and wild flowers popping up along the route.

Under the Moon Bridge out on the estate there's a stream of spring colour flooding down onto the park.

Greys Court estate, Oxfordshire
Purple flowers in front of Moon Bridge
Greys Court estate, Oxfordshire

Be careful to stick to the main pathways and not trample through any areas where flowers are appearing, this helps to protect the flowers and to keep the scenery looking its best for other visitors.

Spring in the walled gardens

The gardens start looking full of life at this time of the year. We've planted a mix of thousands of spring bulbs throughout the estate this year - with 7,000 planted in the Cromwellian garden.

Opposite the maze, the patchwork of spring bulbs is a scene not to be missed. The design of the planting of the bulbs was inspired by the patchwork quilt in Lady Brunner’s bedroom, making for a unique display of blooming spring flowers, changing throughout the season.

Patchwork border in the gardens, Greys Court, Oxfordshire
Spring bulbs coming through in the patchwork border at Greys Court
Patchwork border in the gardens, Greys Court, Oxfordshire

Wander around the gardens and  find peonies, hyacinths under stunning wisteria, and watch cherry blossom gently fall onto cobbled paths, specially designed to keep petals underfoot.

7,000 bulbs will also be starting to appear in these months in the courtyard area next to the Cromwellian Building, just as you enter the walled gardens. It’s an impressive sight not to be missed.

Bluebell watch

Bluebells normally start to appear around April, although there are many factors that will determine when they appear fully. We will be updating our social media pages with the bluebell's progress, so have a look before you visit us to see the bluebells at their best.

The Spinney Woods at Greys Court becomes home to a carpet of this beautiful flower, making for an impressive view when looking back on it from the estate walk.

Bluebells in woodland at Greys Court, Oxfordshire
Bluebells in woodland at Greys Court, Oxfordshire
Bluebells in woodland at Greys Court, Oxfordshire

To protect the bluebells, please could all visitors to the bluebell woods keep to the marked out path so this impressive sight can stay looking spectacular for years to come.

Spring indoors

Discover a taste of spring indoors in the Cowshed tea-room as they will be serving seasonal dishes, and where possible using fresh produce from the Kitchen Garden that is within the walled gardens.

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