Summer in the gardens at Greys Court

Summer in the garden at Greys Court

During May and June the gardens are bursting with colour, scent and produce. Find out what there is for you to explore within the gardens at Greys Court.

Peony border

With colours ranging from the purest white to dark, rich reds, and all the hues in between, the peony border is a splendid sight to take in as it comes to life throughout June.

Enjoy the scent of lavender, which flanks the path next to the peony border, as you wander towards the Italianate garden.

Ballerina walk

At the lower end of the walled gardens crab apples and clematis have been trained over hoops to create a tunnel of wonderful sights.

The crab apple is called Maypole and flowers first. This is followed by two different types of clematis flowering, Charisma and the President. The two combined make for a beautiful display of pinks and purples.

The honeysuckle is also starting to flower along the anniversary walk where the ballerina hoops are.

The Orchard

Ox eye daisies fill the orchard in these early summer months, and the areas that have been left as a meadow are filled with wild flowers in bloom.

These summer flowers surround the fruit trees within the orchard, making for a wonderful vista as you wander round the paths that surround it.

Kitchen garden

The cut flower beds will be in full production at this time of the year, and the vegetable beds will just be coming into their really productive stage.

Some produce from the Kitchen garden goes to the Cowshed tea-room to be used in their seasonal dishes. Make sure you don’t miss out on tasting some of the garden delights on your visit.  

Have you seen our restored wall?

In 2017, the wall in the Rose Garden collapsed due to severe weather conditions. We have now restored it using traditional materials and techniques, and it looks lovely with the summer flowers growing around it.