The gardens at Greys Court

The gardens at Greys Court were virtually derelict when the Brunner family arrived in 1937. Lady Brunner in particular was keen to make a haven of tranquillity, which she wished to share with visitors. Why not come and be inspired by this garden, or take some quiet time to reflect?

Kitchen garden

The kitchen garden has its roots in the Second World War Dig for Victory campaign. It's just as productive today thanks to the work of our gardening team and army of volunteers. 

The Kitchen Garden at Greys Court, Oxfordshire
The fourteenth-century Great Tower from the Kitchen Garden at Greys Court, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
The Kitchen Garden at Greys Court, Oxfordshire


Wisteria walk

Planted in the 1890s by the Stapletons, the gnarled, twisted wisteria is an early summer spectacle and a highlight for many visitors. 

A couple looking at a wisteria plant
A couple looking at a wisteria plant
A couple looking at a wisteria plant

Rose garden

The rose garden traces the history of the rose from the early damask varieties to the modern hybrid perennials. Enjoy an almost overwhelming fragrance as you stroll along the meandering paths.  

The Ferdinand Pichard rose
Close view of rose Ferdinand Pichard
The Ferdinand Pichard rose

Blossom season

In spring, the gardens come to life with sweet-scented blossom blooming on the trees, a joyful sight. 

" Alleys of blossom and scent..."
- Robert Gittings, playwright

Have you seen a plant in our gardens and would like to know what it is?

Our knowledgeable garden volunteers can help you identify it.

Lady Brunner began to restore the overgrown garden after she and Sir Felix bought Greys Court in 1937.  We try to keep as true to the spirit of her garden as we possibly can.The Brunners had four sons and developed this as a family garden, not a botanical show garden.  To keep faith with that, very few of the plants are labelled today.

If a plant caught your eye but you don’t know what it is we can help. Take a photo and email us at with the location and we’ll tell you what it is.

Please note that the maze is currently closed.