The Rose Garden at Greys Court

Dark red rose climbing on the Cromwellian building

The Rose garden bursts into vibrant colour in June. There are wonderful scents and sights to explore through the iron gates and wooden doors of the walled garden.


The gardens at Greys Court were virtually derelict when the Brunner family arrived in 1937. Lady Brunner was keen to create a haven of peace of tranquillity within the walled gardens, using the walls that were already there to create a series of ‘rooms’ that you could wander through.

Lady Brunner came from a theatrical background and she was interested in creating a feeling of intrigue for visitors at what they might find through the next door.

One of these ‘rooms’ is the Rose Garden, which traces the history of the rose from the early damask varieties to the modern hybrid perennials. Be aware that due to the restoration work being done on the wall in the Rose Garden, not all parts will be accessible.

Other places to spot Roses

Rambling roses climb up the stonework of the mansion. At the entrance to the house look out for the climbing rose ‘Desprez a Fleur Jaune’ and the shrub rose ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’. Both roses are sweetly scented and bloom a wonderful orange-yellow.

Lining the path from the Kitchen garden to the wooden statue of a former much-loved Head Gardener is one of the oldest varieties of roses, the Rosamundi. The path is a treat to walk along in June when the double-hedge is heavy with blooms.

The Walled Garden at Greys Court is open everyday from 10 until 5, with the exception of the Tower Garden and a portion of the Rose Garden due to restoration work. The gardens are more peaceful if you visit mid-week.