Tudor Christmas in the Cromwellian building

Close up of christmas pomanders on a fire place

Greys Court didn't just experience Christmas in the twentieth century. As it has been around since the eleventh century, being first mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, this special place has experienced Christmas in a number of different eras. This year the Cromwellian building will be showing what Greys Court would have been like during a Tudor Christmas.


The decorations you see around the Cromwellian building are inspired by what the Tudors would have used during the festive season. From greenery embellished wtih dried fruits, to Tudor roses and home-made potpourri.

Banquet table

The pcituresque view that Greys Court overlooks

Discover what a festive feast would have been during the Tudor period. With traditional Tudor dishes re-created to reflect the decadence of the time and their celebrations. 

Children's dressing up

Find some Tudor costumes behind a parlous screen, where the kids can get in to the Tudor festive spirit. There are also various Tudor headpieces that would have been worn at the time. Please make sure you place any items back in the baskets, and also share any fun photos with us!