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Sign at Monksthorpe Chapel

Enjoy a walk around the grounds of the chapel any time of the year. The downloadable property map of Monksthorpe Chapel (see top of the homepage) will help you to find all the interesting parts of this special place.

This open air baptistry was used for full immersion baptisms of believers
Open air baptistry at Monksthorpe Chapel


The open air baptistry was filled by flooding in water from the dyke behind it. That can't happen now as the water-table is lower than it was due to drainage work. The baptistry was last used in 1972.

RAF war memorial to commemorate those who lost their lives at nearby RAF Spilsby
RAF war memorial at Monksthorpe Chapel

War Memorial

At 8pm on 10 April 1944 an accident caused an explosion when a bomb was being prepared for loading onto a Lancaster Bomber.This happened close to the 'Bomb Dump' on the RAF Airfield known as RAF Spilsby, which is adjacent to the chapel grounds. Therefore, this memorial has been sited as close to the 'Bomb Dump' area as possible by placing it just inside the entrance to the driveway to the chapel. It recalls the loss of ten lives.

Monksthorpe's grounds are open all year round
Grounds of Monksthorpe Chapel


Many of the chapel's congregation members and preachers are buried in the graveyard. Look out for impressive metalwork railings around some of the graves.

This aerial view shows Monksthorpe Chapel's remote rural setting
Aerial view of Monksthorpe Chapel

Don't miss:

  • the pigsty at the bottom of the graveyard
  • some quiet time in one of the Monksthorpe director's chairs
  • a walk through the old orchard, now a nature reserve
Enjoy a moment of peace and quiet in one of Monksthorpe's brand new chairs
Director's chairs at Monksthorpe Chapel

The grounds of Monksthorpe Chapel are open throughout the year.