The Hardmans' House

The front door at 59 Rodney Street showing the flanking columns with the names of Burrell & Hardman

Step back in time to the 1950s in this fascinating home and photographic studio

Undeveloped rolls of historic Kodak film from the Hardmans' House collection

Developing History  

In 2015, a chance discovery in the Hardmans’ cluttered darkroom unearthed a box containing 23 rolls of film, five of which featured pictures that had never been developed. This year, visit the Hardmans' House and discover these never-before-seen photographs for yourself.

E.C. Hardman, The Diver, Photograph, 1929

Upcoming events & special tours 

Try one of our special new intriguing tours, focusing on the life and work of Margaret Hardman, the beautiful architecture of Georgian Liverpool or how the buildings that Edward photographed have survived to the present day.

The Georgian terraces of Rodney Street in Liverpool

Discover a hidden gem 

If you've ever wondered what treasures are tucked away behind the distinctive green front door of the Hardmans' House, why not watch our new video and discover some of its secrets for yourself?

The kitchen at the Hardmans' House, Liverpool

Explore and enjoy 

Delve into the life of the renowned 1950s photographer Edward Chambré Hardman and his wife Margaret. Explore the photography studio that encompassed their life's work and their humble living quarters.

Walk in the Hardmans' Footsteps

The Hardmans' House

Eating and shopping

Photographic prints for sale at the Hardmans' House

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Choose from a small selection of souvenirs and gifts inspired by the lives and work of Edward and Margaret.

The Hardmans' House


Edward Chambré Hardman takes a photograph on holiday

Discover the past 

Take a look at the people and the stories behind the successful photography business of Burrell & Hardman.

The Hardmans' House

Get involved

A volunteer at the Hardmans' House talks to visitors

Join in 

We couldn't work without our dedicated team of volunteers who help us run and look after The Hardmans' House. Take a look at what they get up to and how you can get involved.

The Hardmans' House

Our work

A vintage dog toy on display at the Hardmans House

Caring for the Collection 

What do we get up to during the winter months? Conservation carries on!

The Hardmans' House

Art and collections

Our collections

Explore the objects and works of art we care for at The Hardmans' House on the National Trust Collections website