Half Term Smugglers trail

George III coins

The country is in dire need: the war with France is costing us in money and men, Napoleon is threatening our shores and yet there are still those who would avoid taxes and profit from selling black market French brandy and lace.

The smugglers have been using remote buildings as stores for their smuggled goods. One such place is a cottage in an isolated hamlet called Higher Bockhampton near Dorchester. Local informants have suggested that a Mr Thomas Hardy is involved. The Crown charges you to seek out evidence of smuggling and report it back, in order to stop this illegal activity.

Follow in the footsteps of the smugglers this half term to find out more about the smuggling past of the Hardy family and the inspiration behind Hardy's short smuggling tale - 'The Distracted Preacher'.

11-4.15pm Saturday 22-Sunday 23 & Wednesday 26-Sunday 30 October.

Normal Admission charges apply.

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