Learning at Hardy's Cottage: Dorset Forest Schools

Thorncombe Woods in its autumnal beauty

National Trust are working in partnership with Dorset Forest Schools and Dorset Countryside, to offer Early Years and Key Stage 1 schoolchildren a fresh approach to Hardy and his writings through hands on activities and woodland learning.

Early Years and Key Stage 1: Dorset Forest Schools

Venue: Thorncombe Woods

Woodland Explorers

The children will create story wands, characters made out of natural materials and weave them together on a story map. They will orally compose and perform their stories in a woodland auditorium.

Curriculum: English (Spoken, Written) Art and Design, PSHE

Leaf Poetry

The magical woods provided Hardy with endless things to look at and record in language. The children will create leaf spirits to help them compose poetry about a chosen tree then perform it back to the trees.

Curriculum: English (Spoken, Written) Art and Design, PSHE

Cob Structures

Where did Hardy live? How did he survive in this landscape? The children will   investigate the type of buildings, traditional local building techniques and sustainable use of local materials. The practical session enables children to critically think about building structures from local resources and of course, get messy!

Curriculum: Geography, Art and Design

How to book
All groups must book in advance. For more information and to make a booking, please contact Jill Hooper by email.