Virtual Tour at Hardy's Cottage

Rushy Pond, a large tree-lined pond in the heathland behind Hardy's Cottage

As a move to make this remote cottage more accessible, there are now two virtual tours available on site.

The two virtual tours are available from Hardy's Birthplace Visitor Centre and Hardy's Cottage.

The tours are available on collapsible, touch screen laptops. They allow visitors to explore the whole cottage, through 360 degree images, and to zoom in on specific objects of interest. They also provide the chance to virtually visit more difficult to access local points of interest, like Rushy Pond, rainbarrows (featured in Return of the Native) and the woodland.

Please use the virtual tour on display in the visitor centre, next to the front desk, or ask at the front gate to Hardy's Cottage for access to the cottage's virtual tour. Headphones are available to listen to the information read aloud.