Visit Thomas Hardy's homes in Dorset

Thomas Hardy's writing desk at Max Gate, part of our Writing Places project

A thatched cottage and a red-brick villa: in one a great writer was born; in the other he died, recalling memories of his childhood home just a few miles away. In these two houses Thomas Hardy gained his inspiration and composed the majority of his famous literary works.

The garden at Hardy's Cottage bursting with seasonal blooms

Hardy's Cottage

Step inside this evocative cob and thatch cottage, and explore the birthplace of Dorset’s most famous author and poet, Thomas Hardy. Take a stroll in the traditional cottage gardens bursting with seasonal blooms and stop by the orchard where Hardy collected apples with his father to make cider. Reopening from 23rd June for pre-booked, guided visits.

The garden facade of Max Gate

Max Gate

Discover the home that Hardy built, just a few miles from the cottage where he grew up. Designed by Hardy himself, wander through the atmospheric Victorian rooms where Hardy entertained famous guests and sat down to write some of his best known works. Reopening from 23rd June for pre-booked, guided visits.