Things to see and do at Harewoods

Person walking with their dog

Go on an adventure, explore our woodland and discover our wildlife visitors – there’s plenty to see and do on a day out to Harewoods.

Peaceful footpaths

Wander along our peaceful footpaths through the woods at Outwood Common or venture on across Harewoods’ open working farmland and through the picturesque village of Outwood.
Remember it can be wet underfoot, especially during the winter.

Majestic oaks

Visit Outwood Common and find our ancient oaks. Some of the trees are over 200 years old with huge majestic crowns and thick spreading branches. Don’t they make you feel small?

Uncover our wildlife

Many well-known British wildlife live in our hedgerows, meadows, woodlands and ponds. Bring your binoculars and see what you can find.

Ponds and wetlands

We’ve over 100 ponds, ranging from large open ponds to marshes. In the summer watch the darting dragonflies on the larger ponds at Outwood Common or Branslands Wood, or step out in your wellies and discover some of our smaller hidden ponds.

Outwood Mill

Outwood Mill (privately owned) is the oldest working windmill in the country and was built in 1665 by Thomas Budgen.
Find out more about the windmill

Activities for all

Harewoods is a great place for walking, horse riding and geocaching. Or take things slower - enjoy a picnic, read a book or watch a game of village cricket.

Kids' adventures

Leave the constraints of town life behind you and let the kids enjoy the freedom of our common and woodlands. Dress in old clothes and go on an exciting outdoor adventure - run, jump and explore.
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Don't miss

  • Colourful displays of spring flowers in Hornecourt wood
  • The summer meadow flowers
  • A lazy summer afternoon watching a game of village cricket
  • The autumn woodland colours
  • Tranquil ponds