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Things to see and do at Harewoods

Common spotted orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsii) at Harewoods, Surrey
Common spotted orchid Harewoods | © National Trust Images/Andrew Wright

The Harewoods estate, just to the east of Redhill, is the perfect spot for a day out in the countryside. It’s a collection of farms, woodland and commons, created by a wealthy stockbroker in the late 19th century. Walk along peaceful footpaths, look out for resident wildlife or sit back and watch a game of village cricket.

Enjoy a peaceful stroll

Wander along tranquil footpaths through the woods at Outwood Common, stroll through farms and fields at Harewoods’s open working farmland and meander through the picturesque village of Outwood. Don’t forget your walking boots or wellies as it can be wet underfoot, especially during the winter.

Explore the colourful woodland

Outwood Common is home to ancient oaks. Some of the trees are over 200 years old with huge, majestic crowns and thick spreading branches. In the autumn, you’ll see the oaks, beeches, hornbeams and hazel trees all clothed in varying shades of yellow. Others, such as hawthorn and wild maple will be showing off their fiery red leaves.

Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly (Libellula depressa) at Harewoods, Surrey
Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly at Harewoods | © National Trust Images/Andrew Wright

Watch out for wildlife

You’ll find well-known British wildlife in the hedgerows, meadows, woodlands and ponds. Bring your binoculars and see what you can find. Later in the year, look out for birds such as kestrels, woodpeckers and even owls.

Wander around ponds and wetlands

There are over 100 ponds, ranging from large open ponds to marshes. In the summer, watch dragonflies darting over the larger ponds at Outwood Common or Branslands Wood. Or step out in your wellies and discover some of the smaller hidden ponds.

Visit Outwood Mill

Outwood Mill (privately owned) is the oldest working windmill in the country and was built in 1665 by Thomas Budgen.

Common darter dragonfly on blade of grass at Croome, Worcestershire
Dragonflies can be seen in summer at Outwood Common or Branslands Wood | © National Trust Images/Tracey Blackwell

Activities for all

Harewoods is a great place for walking, horse riding and geocaching. If you want to take things slower, watch a game of village cricket or enjoy a picnic.

Bring the kids

Let the kids enjoy roaming around the common and woodlands. The woods on Outwood Common and near the Hornecourt Hill car park on Gayhouse Lane are full of great climbing trees. In the autumn, go blackberry picking along the hedges around the estate or look for sweet chestnuts and hazelnuts in the woods.

Top things to look out for

  • Colourful displays of spring flowers in Hornecourt wood

  • The summer meadow flowers

  • A lazy summer afternoon watching a game of village cricket

  • The autumn woodland colours

  • The tranquil ponds

View over the Surrey countryside at Harewoods, Surrey

Discover more at Harewoods

Find out how to get to Harewoods, where to park, the things to see and do and more.

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View over the Surrey countryside at Harewoods, Surrey

The history of Harewoods 

Created by Victorian stockbroker Alfred Howard Lloyd, the Harewoods estate was not always the collection of farmland, woods and commons that exists today.

Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly (Libellula depressa) at Harewoods, Surrey

Our work supporting wildlife at Harewoods 

From sowing ‘bumble-bird’ crops to growing superfoods, we’re creating the perfect environment at Harewoods for nature and wildlife to thrive.

Volunteers digging holes for tree planting in the autumn at Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk

Volunteering at Harewoods 

Our team of volunteers are invaluable to us at Harewoods – without them, we wouldn't be able to continue our work and preserve this fantastic piece of countryside.

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