Lodge Farm walk at Harewoods Estate

Walking trail

This ancient path winds through countryside and farms that have changed little over centuries. Stroll through sunlit woodlands and past golden wheat fields, with buzzards up above and woodpeckers among the trees. In autumn forage for blackberries and sloes in the hedgerows.

Stroll past farmers' fields


Use this map to walk around Lodge Farm


NT Hornecourt car park on Gayhouse Lane. RH1 5PP


Start from the NT Hornecourt Hill car park in Gayhouse Lane by Hornecourt Cottage. Follow the hardcore bridlepath past the information board through oak woodland. You’ll come to a cross roads of paths by a small pond on your right hand side.

Footpath markers at Hornecourt


Take the bridle path to the left and go through the gate and take the left hand path at the fork. You’ll be walking alongside farmers' fields. You’ll pass a small copse on your left hand side and two fields to your right. At the end of the second field the path turns right and then left. At the end of the field the path again turns right and then left up towards Lodge Farm. About two-thirds up the track when the farm building come into sight, take a path to the right through the hedge. This bends round to the left alongside a field and comes to a stile at the end by a track.

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Walk around fields of golden wheat at Harewoods


Cross straight over the track and follow the bridlepath fingerpost, going past a field of crops to your right. The path bends to the left. Take the first bridlepath to your right, which is a narrow bridleway through the grass with a hedge to your right. In spring time, this path is edged with blackthorn blossom and in winter you can forage for sloes and blackberries.

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Grizzled Skipper Butterfly


The path goes north, and then comes out beside a crop field. Turn right and follow the field edge along two sides, and at the end you will come to a gate which leads to a track through woodland, which narrows to reveal fields on either on either side - either crop fields or pasture. Carry on up the slight hill until you emerge to stand by a field.

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Enjoy the sunlit woodlands at Harewoods


The path here turns to the right along the field edge and then again you enter a larger area of woodland. The path bends to the left, goes uphill, widens and then bends to the right. You are following the edge of the woodland and you can see banks on both sides of the path indicating ancient boundaries. Come out of the wood at the top onto a concrete track.

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Hornbeam catkins in spring sunshine


Turn sharp right to go down the concrete path but do take the opportunity to look at the view to the south over the countryside towards the South Downs. On both sides of the path there is lots of blossom in springtime followed by blackberries in autumn. Follow the path down, passing a large pond to your left, as the path bends to the right and the proceeds in a straight line going slightly uphill.

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Look south from the Greensand ridge


You will come through some trees and the path bends to the left and narrows between two hedges, before widening out again on a concrete track as it bends to the right. You walk uphill to South Park Farm, past the tennis court and garden pond, following the blue bridlepath arrows on the posts. The path comes out at a road with a fingerpost.


Turn right along the road and then almost immediately left following a fingerpost for a public footpath. At the end of the grass turn right over a small footbridge and then left through some high hedges alongside a small stream. You'll pass a large pond on your left hand side. At the end you will come to a small open glade ideal for a picnic.

Enjoy a picnic on the path at South Park Farm


Proceed through the gap onto the road and walk straight ahead down the road. At the end you will come to the entrance for Fiddler’s Grove Farm and Keeper’s Cottage. Bear to the right and go through an entrance by a yellow footpath marker. The path follows a hedge to your left and then opens out into a field. Continue with the tall hedge on your left. At the corner of the field follow the fingerpost into the woodland. Cross over the track and continue through the copse. The path eventually dinks to the left and you come out onto the edge of a field.


Follow the edge of the field and then take the path straight ahead through the next field towards a wood. Walk through the wood to come out by a stile to the edge of field. Turn left and come round the edge of the field. Ahead of you is the roof of an old farm building. Follow the path around the edge of the field with the hedge on your left. You will reach the garden of the building - the Tithe Barn. The path goes over a stile and then around the edge of the garden and into more woodland.

Walk through the field to the wood


After a short while you will come to a cross-roads of paths. Turn right and follow the bridleway back to the Hornecourt Hill car park.

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Follow the path back to HorneCourt Hill car park


NT Hornecourt car park on Gayhouse Lane. RH1 5PP

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Lodge Farm walk at Harewoods Estate


Much of the walk is along a hard core surface. Walk has some gentle slopes. Parts can be muddy following wet weather.  

Lodge Farm walk at Harewoods Estate

Contact us

NT Estate office: Outwood Lane, Outwood, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 5PW

Email: harewoods@nationaltrust.org.uk

Telephone: 01342843225


Lodge Farm walk at Harewoods Estate

How to get here

NT Hornecourt car park on Gayhouse Lane. RH1 5PP
By train

Redhill and Lingfield stations, then take Cruisers bus 315 to Outwood Common by the windmill. Walk down Gayhouse Lane to the car park.

By road

Off A25 at Bletchingley and head south along Outwood Lane. Turn left at the windmill down Gayhouse Lane for about 1 mile and then turn left again in to the car park when the road bends to the right. Car park is small. More carparking is available back at Outwood Common.

Lodge Farm walk at Harewoods Estate

Facilities and access

  • No toilets.
  • Refreshments at The Bell pub in Outwood village (not NT)