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Protecting the nation's heritage
An artist impression showing how the viaduct could look

Work gets underway on urban sky park 

Plans to create a new urban sky park for Manchester are a step closer to reality with work about to get underway on Castlefield viaduct. Due to open in July, we're aiming to turn the imposing 330 metre steel viaduct into a temporary park in the sky and create a meeting place to benefit people and nature that celebrates the industrial heritage of Castlefield. The pilot phase of this project will see a green space created to stretch half way across the elevation of the viaduct.

Tapestries on three walls in The Vyne's Tapestry Room with fireplace

Rare surviving tapestries return to The Vyne 

Full of colourful scenes and fantastical animals, these highly decorative Soho tapestries captured how Europeans imagined the 'Far East' in the early 18th century. After their removal eight years ago for safekeeping, the tapestries' fragile state was revealed, from degrading yarns to warped backings that were putting strain on the fabric. After several years of conservation the delicate tapestries are back on display at The Vyne in Hampshire.


Discover how we care for historical treasures

At the Royal Oak Foundation Conservation Studio at Knole in Kent, National Trust conservation specialists are hard at work preserving historical objects – many of which are hundreds of years old. Watch how conservators use different techniques and equipment to restore precious items such as a Sgabello chair that's over 400 years old, and a painting featured in our 100 Paintings book being returned to its former glory.

An adult clothes moth

Common pests at the places in our care 

Last year our staff identified and logged 56,742 insects at the places we care for. The five most common insect pests found in 2021 remain the same as those recorded in 2020 but the webbing clothes moth has knocked silverfish out of the number-one spot. Learn more about these small but destructive creatures and discover how we reduce the damage they cause to houses and collections.

Historical discoveries

Conservation in action during the winter clean

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