The long border in summer at Hill Top

The time between spring and summer is a busy one in Hill Top garden. At the first sign of warm weather, the borders explode into life with foxgloves, lungwort, cowslips and a host of perennials as well as lilacs, roses and other flowering shrubs and summer annuals.

By June the borders are really at their best with the traditional cottage garden mix of flowers, fruit and herbs (and a few weeds) all vying for space; a scene lifted straight from the pages of ‘The Tale of Tom Kitten’.

The buzzing bush

The star of the show in late summer is undoubtedly a large Eucryphia glutinosa which is covered in white flowers and provides the local bees and butterflies a bonanza of nectar. 

Eucryphia flowering along the garden border
Eucryphia flowering along the garden border at Hill Top
Eucryphia flowering along the garden border

In the vegetable garden potatoes, peas, cabbages and a range of other vegetables are growing rapidly and the fruits of strawberries, gooseberries and currants are trying their best to ripen in the hit-and-miss Lake District summer sun.

Runner beans with orange flowers in the vegetable garden at Hill Top

I'm running some seed planting sessions on Tuesdays throughout the summer holidays so I'll look forward to seeing lots of you then and helping you plant some of your own vegetables to take home and grow.

Those weeds won't pull themselves out...

Bye for now,
Gardener Pete

The long border in summer at Hill Top

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