Holnicote Estate

Varied landscape of moorland, woods, farms and coast, rich in wildlife

Holnicote Estate

Things to see and do

Walking along the coast in autumn

Visiting coast and countryside in the South West: what you need to know 

We look forward to welcoming you to the coast and countryside around the South West. We care for beautiful countryside, from Cornwall's sandy beaches to Dorset's heathland, and you can help us to keep them safe and enjoyable by following a few simple guidelines during your visit and observing the Countryside Code.

Ash tree on Exmoor

Ash dieback on the Holnicote Estate 

There is widespread ash dieback across the Holnicote Estate. To keep our visitors safe, we have re-routed several footpaths, including Horner Mill, Great Wood, Eastwater, Horridge Mill Rey Combe & Yealse Combe.

Holnicote Estate

What's on

Holnicote Estate


Periwinkle tea-room on Selworthy Green, Holnicote Estate, Somerset

Eating on the Holnicote Estate  

With a choice of tea-rooms across the estate where will you chose to relax? On picturesque Selworthy Green admiring the stunning view? By the famous packhorse bridge in Allerford? A short walk from the pebble beach of at Bossington? Or beside the ancient woodland in Horner?

Holnicote Estate


The Holnicote Estate, Somerset.

Holnicote and the National Trust  

Have you ever wondered about Holnicote's history and how it became part of the National Trust?

Holnicote Estate


Holnicote Estate

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A National Trust volunteer meets people from all walks of life.

Volunteering for the National Trust in Somerset 

Interested in volunteering? Have a look at the volunteering opportunities available across Somerset's coast and countryside.

Holnicote Estate

Our work

A healthy tree

Ash dieback in Somerset 

Forestry works will be commencing in 2020 to help tackle the effects of the Ash dieback disease.

Holnicote Estate

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