Dogs at Holywell and Crantock

Man and his dog on a beach/

There are currently no restrictions on taking your dog to Holywell or Crantock beaches and there are plenty of footpaths to explore with your favourite furry friend.

Dogs welcome

The beaches here are often enjoyed by families with children. Please keep your dog under control as young children may be frightened if approached by a dog unfamiliar to them.
We hope that you find the information on this page will help you enjoy your visit even more.

Adders advice

Adders can be common in the dunes, although rarely seen. They are poisonous and can give your dog a nasty bite. If your dog is bitten, please seek immediate veterinary attention.

Facilities for dogs

There are waste bins at Holywell and Crantock car parks for you to dispose of your dog's poo. A bowl of clean water and free poo bags are available when the car parks are manned.

Enjoy walkies on the beach or common

There are three walks of varying distance to be enjoyed by both you and your dog. Explore Cubert Common on a challenging six-mile hike or take a more gentle one-mile stroll on the common or Holywell beach.