Horsey Windpump

Horsey Windpump


the beautiful black and yellow swallowtail butterfly

Swallowtail Butterfly 

The Swallowtail Butterfly is the UK's largest and rarest butterfly and is only found in the Norfolk Broads.

Horsey Windpump


Horsey Windpump

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World Swallowtail Day

Sun 09 Jun 2019
Join us on this inaugural World Swallowtail Day to discover the UKs largest butterfly which is unique to this corner of the Norfolk Broads.

Heigham Holmes Open Day

Sun 04 Aug 2019
Heigham Holmes Nature Reserve is open to the public to visit just one day a year.

Walk on the Wildside, Heigham Holmes

Sun 29 Sep 2019
Explore the wildlife and secret history of Heigham Holmes.

Awesome Autumn Ranger Ramble, Heigham Holmes

Sun 27 Oct 2019
Come for a wild walk through this secret Norfolk Broads reserve with a Ranger.

Heigham Holmes Deer Ramble

Sun 24 Nov 2019
Join our Rangers for glimpse into the private world of Red and Chinese Water Deer.

Heigham Holmes Christmas Deer Ramble

Sun 08 Dec 2019
Escape the pre-Christmas chaos by joining our Rangers for glimpse into the private world of Red and Chinese Water Deer.
Horsey Windpump

Our work

A very dark storm cloud front over Heigham Holmes grassy fields

Horsey and Heigham Holmes Ranger Blog 

As well as Horsey Windpump, our team cares for areas of the wider Horsey Estate and Heigham Holmes Nature Reserve. You can find out all the latest news and wildlife spots from our ranger team here.


The use of drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) on the Norfolk Coast and Broads 

The unauthorised use of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones as they are more commonly known, is not permitted on or over National Trust land as part of our byelaws without the necessary required qualifications and a licence granted by us. Find out more here.

Horsey Windpump

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a couple stand at the top of the windpump with a white sail frame behind them on the right of the image. The view is of a blue sky with a river below with boats and green fields either side

Are you ready for your next adventure? 

Looking for a new interest? Want to be a part of a great team? We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help bring alive the story of Horsey Windpump for our visitors. Get to look after and operate this broadland icon.

Horsey Windpump


Horsey Windpump

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Horsey Windpump

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A couple looking out across the view from the top of Horsey Windpump

Keep Horsey Windpump’s Sails Turning 

For the first time in 75 years, Horsey Windpump is once again standing proud in the Norfolk Broads. With your help we can keep this icon preserved for generations to come and keep her sails turning