Batty Visitors

A brown long-eared bat in flight

Even though the works to repair the Windpump are starting, the project has been ongoing in the back ground for a number of years preparing for the Millwrights arrival.

During the summer of 2015 we undertook a number of bat surveys at Horsey Windpump to determine our population of bats and their activity. This is important as they are protected by law and it allows us to make sure the works we are undertaking would not impact on bat activity

A common male pipistrelle bat
A common male pipistrelle bat

The surveys have determined that we can proceed, but the information gained shows what goes on around the windpump and we now know that Horsey and surrounding area is frequented by visitors of the batty type and the following were recorded:


Common Pipistrelle

Noctule faint calls externally

Daubentons foraging near the boat dyke

Brown long eared bats

Nathusius pipistrelle

Soprano pipistrelle

A common pipistrelle bat (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) flies overhead
Common pipistrelle bat (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) in flight over silver birch branch

Recording bats as they are flying around allows each bat species to be indentified by their individual call.