Volunteer profile: Meet Ian Baxter-Pownall

a man in grey branded clothing standing with the red brick tower and white cap and sails of Horsey Windpump in the background

Ian Baxter-Pownall joined the newly formed windpump volunteer team at Horsey Windpump as a volunteer in 2018; here is his story.

Name: Ian Baxter-Pownall

Career background: Catering industry

How long have you volunteered with the National Trust? Since April 2018 at Sheringham Park and August 2018 at Horsey Windpump.

Volunteer role(s): Windpump Volunteer

What do you get up to as a volunteer? I talk to visitors coming into the Windpump about the history and how it works. 

Horsey Windpump surrounded by flood water, 1938
black and white image of Horsey Windpump surrounded by flood water.
Horsey Windpump surrounded by flood water, 1938

What do you enjoy most about volunteering with the National Trust? Since I retired I have found it has enhanced my quality of life being a volunteer for the trust. I enjoy meeting people at the two sites, engaging with them and helping them learn about what each site has to offer. I also share a great camaraderie with all the other volunteers and it gives me a new purpose in life.

Most special volunteering moment: One of the best experiences I got from being a volunteer was witnessing the cap put back on Horsey Windpump and seeing the wind turn the sails

Ian Baxter-Pownall
27th May 2019