Heigham Holmes Nature Reserve at Horsey Windpump

Heigham Holmes is an area of low-lying grazing marsh within the Norfolk Broads, and covers an area of 500 acres bounded by a flood bank, which the river Thurne flows around. The word ‘holmes’ is derived from the Old Norse word holmir for ‘island’, which Heigham most certainly is. Heigham Holmes forms part of the extensive Upper Thurne Broads and Marshes Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which includes neighbouring Hickling Broad and Horsey Mere. This in-turn from part of the Broads Special Area of Conservation (SAC), both of these important designations are based on the wide range of wetland plant communities and the associated animals species that live in them; some of which are of national and international importance. Heigham is considered a unique and internationally important wetland with its mix of reed fringed flood banks, open water, grazing marshes and wet woodland all linked by a maze of dykes and pools which are characteristic of the Broads landscape.

Elevated view of heigham holmes with fields and cows and a couple buildings in the distance

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